Designjet 500/800 Series System error 86:01

System error 86:01 is usually a Carriage Belt failure, or it may just be friction on the Carriage Rail.  86:01 may be seen on the LCD display of the following models: DesignJet 500, DesignJet 510 and DesignJet 800 Things you can try or look out for: Turn the printer off and allow a few minutes … Read more

DesignJet Belt Replacement

HP DesignJet Belt

HP DesignJet Belt Replacement We offer a DesignJet Belt Replacement Service as a fixed price On-Site Repair which includes the callout, all on-site labour and a general Service & Clean of your printer.  The cost of the HP DesignJet Carriage belt will vary from model to model, so please ask for a quotation. Fixed Price … Read more